About Us

Welcome to the fun & functional world of Gripperz non-slip socksI

Our journey began in December 2008 with a noble vision - to provide top-quality non-slip socks to Pilates enthusiasts across Australia.

Founded by Exercise Physiologist, Rafael Merino, who has been at the helm of his own boutique fitness studio in Melbourne since 2006, Gripperz Socks have evolved far beyond their initial launch as Pilates socks. With invaluable feedback from our valuable clients, we have diversified our range to cater to a broader clientele, including those seeking falls prevention solutions in medical facilities and aged care settings.

As a small, yet dedicated, family-owned business, Gripperz is passionately led by the multi-talented Nadia. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, she ensures swift responses, impeccable service, and rigorous quality control over our products. When you reach out to Gripperz, rest assured that your email or phone call will be answered by a genuine person providing you with prompt and honest assistance.

Integrity is at the core of our production process, and it starts with the selection of our esteemed manufacturers. Whilst our socks are designed locally in Australia, they are manufactured in Taiwan and China where we make certain that local labor is employed and fair treatment and compensation are upheld for all workers. Additionally, our vinyl reformer straps are proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

The secret to our unrivaled product quality and success lies in the strong and transparent relationships we maintain with our manufacturers. This ethos ensures that every pair of Gripperz socks you purchase comes with a seal of confidence.

Our mission remains unwavering - to keep you safe and grounded by providing reliable grip for your feet. Your well-being is our priority, and we value your feedback as we continually expand our sock range to offer comprehensive solutions for all your falls prevention needs.

Join us on this inspiring journey and let's confidently step into a future where every step is secure and assured.