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Knee High Socks

Knee High Socks

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The perfect socks for soccer/football
Or wear these with AFOs

Features include:

  • Grip dots that extend along the entire sole for added stability
  • Extended ribbing around the foot arch, above the ankle and at the top to hold them up and firmly in place
  • A cushioned terry weave sole for comfort
  • Moisture wicking, quick drying fabric

Available in 2 different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for kids or adults

Image of black socks with soccer ball: male model with size 10.5 shoes in Regular size

Image of red socks with grey tiles: female model wears size 7 shoes in our Small size

Used for:

  • football / soccer to prevent your socks sliding inside your shoes
  • wear with AFOs to prevent feet slipping and leg brace damage to skin

Not suitable for very swollen feet

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